Tuition and Fees

Tuition is controlled by the North Carolina State Legislature and is subject to change without notice. View registration dates and deadlines.

Refer to the MyCollege website for specific information about tuition payment deadlines.

Tuition Rates for Fall 2014

Curriculum Classes

NC residents: $72.00 per credit hour
Maximum: $1,152 for 16 or more credit hours.

*Effective Fall 2013, the senior citizen waiver for students over 65 years old has been eliminated. All senior citizens will be required to pay for tuition and fees starting fall term.

*Effective Spring 2014, all students whose tuition is waived will be required to pay student fees.

Non-NC residents: $264.00 per credit hour
Maximum: $4,224.00 for 16 or more credit hours.
6000 Course Numbers Free
7000 & 8000 Courses
(Corporate & Continuing Education)
Costs vary per course and are published in the CCE class schedule.
(No difference in charges for resident and non-resident students.)


What defines a North Carolina resident? For more information, click here.

Student Activity Publication Fee

  • $26.00 for 1 - 8 credit hours
  • $35.00 for 9 or more credit hours

There is no student activity fee for the summer term.

Lab Fees

Some classes require a lab fee charge. For those classes with lab fees, the charges are as follows:

  • Curriculum - $21.00 per lab hour


Note: The term "Lab Hours" include both lab and clinical hours.

Appropriate lab fee amounts will be refunded if the class is cancelled by the College or if the lab fee class is dropped during the period of full tuition refund. Lab fees are used to provide supplies and equipment in the respective programs.

Technology Fees

All students will be assessed a technology fee according to the following schedule:

  • Curriculum - $48.00 per semester
  • Corporate and Continuing Education Occupational Extension - $5.00 per course

Campus Access, Parking and Security (CAPS) Fee

The Campus Access, Parking and Security Fee (CAPS Fee) is charged to curriculum and Corporate and Continuing Education students who attend classes at any college facility. Revenues collected from this fee are used to pay costs of campus security and parking lot rental and maintenance at all CPCC campuses and centers.

The CAPS Fee costs $73 per semester for curriculum students enrolled in 8 semester hours or less, $97 per semester for curriculum students enrolled in 9 semester hours or more, and $12 per class for Corporate and Continuing Education students. For details about the CAPS Fee, visit the website at

Student Insurance: Accident Insurance Plan

For Information on the Student Accident Insurance, please click the link below:
American International Companies Student Accident Insurance

GED Testing

The GED® Test fee is $35. Please visit the link below to learn more about the GED® Test.

GED Website

Applied Music Study Fee

The fee for applied music courses is $200.00.

Forensics Fee

The fee for forensics courses is $50.00 per class.

E-Text Fee

The E-Text fee is $96.00 for select courses. For Fall 2014, these courses include BUS-110, ECO-151, ECO-251, and ECO-252.