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Interviewing Help


Interviewing help

Prepare for and learn more about successful interviewing - CPCC Career Guide (hardcopies available in Career Services), Interviewing presentation.

perfectPerfect Interview™ is an innovative online learning tool that can help you:

  • Enhance your job interviewing skills and
  • Develop an edge over your competition

How does it work?

  • Respond to challenging questions asked by an interviewer during an online simulated interview
  • Repeat each question as often as you like
  • See examples of how someone else might answer
  • If you get stuck, there is a built-in Interview Coach to offer help
  • Record your simulated interview (with your webcam or ours) or just type your answers.
  • Email it to a CPCC Career Counselor for advice – your own personal coach!

This interviewing tool is provided by Career Services for the exclusive use of students, faculty, and alumni of Central Piedmont Community College.

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Mock Interviews (In-person)

Allows prospective job candidates to practice their interviewing skills in a simulated interview environment. Mock interviews provide constructive feedback to the participants to enhance job prospects by improving interview skills.

To Schedule a Mock Interview
Curriculum students, complete the online Mock Interview Request Form or call 704.330.6433.

Mock Interview
Students meet individually with a career counselor for an hour long appointment. Students are given the opportunity to practice dressing for an interview and interviewing for a specific position with a specific company. Interviewees should bring a current copy of their resume to the mock interview. The interview can be video recorded for review. Students will be able to view their videotaped session and receive immediate feedback from a counselor. This assignment is best for pre-graduate level courses where the majority of students will be graduating and seeking a professional job within the next year.

Preparing & Dressing for the Mock Interview mock
The key to a successful interview is preparation. Review the interview questions provided in the Career Guide and practice answering the the sample interview questions.

Dressing professionally is also an important part of the interview process and is a factor in the hiring decision. As a result, Mock Interview participants should dress in business attire for the interview. Feedback will be provided regarding the appropriateness your attire.