Twitter & Your Job Search




Twitter is a free social networking service that allows you and other users

to send each other updates of 140 (or fewer) characters called “tweets”.  Tweets answer the question, “what are you doing?” and are very similar to status updates you post on Facebook. 

Ways to use Twitter:

birdieTo network.  Follow those you know, contribute to discussions, and post interesting tweets that are relevant to your industry and/or job search.  One of your networking contacts just may know where you will fit in at their company.

Find great job search tips and online job postings. There is a wealth of information about job search and careers on Twitter – you just have to search for it.  Many career advice websites and career experts post information on Twitter. 

Get real-time employer information from company insiders.  This is information that you can’t get from looking at their website.  Take FedEx for example - the FedEx website offers a wealth of information about services, but not much about what’s new at the company.  @fedexnews provides regularly updated information about the happenings at FedEx.  This is a great research tool if you are getting ready for an interview!

Start Tweeting by following the steps below

  • Create a profile at  You will be asked to enter your full name and also create a Username.  Remember to keep your username simple and appropriate for employers to see.
  • Put a short job pitch (160 characters) in your bio.
  • Use a professional-looking picture.
  • Consider customizing your background to include relevant information about you. 

    Twitter is one of the hottest social networking tools available today.

    Do you know how to use it to find a job?

  • If you have an online resume or a professional website/blog, include the link.
  • Tweet about something relevant to your industry or job search.  Remember, your tweets can be viewed by everyone unless you made your updates private when you set up your profile.  More employers are using Twitter to search potential job candidates than ever before.  Make sure you only tweet things that you
    would not mind a potential employer reading. 
  • Start following other Twitter users.  Use “Find People” to search for people by their username or full name.  You can also search by topic.  Try visiting a Twitter directory site like to look up businesses by industry.
  • Check out who other people are following on Twitter – you might want to follow them too!
  • If you would like to tweet about a website, you may find that the URL takes up too many characters to include.  Use an Internet search engine to find a free short URL redirection service (like
  • If you would like to “re-tweet” something that someone else already tweeted, use the format RT @username to give them credit for the original tweet.
  • Try to tweet at least once or twice per day. This will increase your visibility on Twitter and get your personal brand out there.