Using Technology to Find a Job - Online Applications


Many employers ask potential applicants to fill out online applications.  Are you prepared?

Apply these tips to make certain you are using online applications to your advantage.

• Gather all personal information (past job history) on one piece of paper, this will make online applications less time consuming.

• Follow instructions! Leaving sections blank or misreading instructions may cause your application to be overlooked.

• Spelling and grammar count!  Double check and re-read before continuing to the next screen, you may not always have a chance to go back.

• Save as you go if possible.  Do not rush or submit the application before you are ready.  Fill out the application in a quiet space, as you may be asked to take an assessment as part of the process.

• If you are asked to create a login name and password, write it down.  You may need this to track information later. 

• Just like with your resume, keywords are important.  Target each application as much as possible with keywords.

• When given the opportunity, always attach or copy and paste your resume.  Be sure the format of your resume is compatible with the employer’s site!

For further information on utilizing online applications to your advantage, visit the online applications section of our Career Links page.