LinkedIn Quick Reference Checklist


 Use these tips to maximize LinkedIn for your job search


Create a Complete Profile
(first step)

Create a Complete


Try to Complete as much of your profile as possible when you create your account.  There is a “profile complete bar” on the right side of your profile page to help you.  The system will also give you suggestions of what you can do to make your profile more complete.  On the right of your profile page, you can import your resume to build your profile quickly instead of inputting your information manually.


Create Contacts

Users with more contacts have their profiles viewed more frequently than other people.  You should aim to find at least 30 contacts.  To get started, go to the Toolbar at the top of the screen.  Find the People area and select Advanced People Search from the drop-down  menu.  To send someone an invitation, click “Add to network” when you hover over their profile in the results list.


Recommend other people and they may return the favor.  When people search for your profile on Linkedin, a special icon will appear beside your name indicating that you have recommendations.  Linkedin suggests getting recommendations from at least three people.  To ask for a recommendation, go to your “Edit Profile” page and click beside a particular job to request recommendations.  To recommend someone, search for your contact and click “recommend this person” on the right side of their profile page (near their picture). 


Groups are free to join.  This is a good way to find out about current issues in a field of interest by following a discussion.  To get started, click on “Groups” on the left side of the screen and then use the “Groups Directory” to search for a group. 

Company Lookups

Towards the top of any webpage you will see the Linkedin Toolbar.  In this area, click on Companies.  In the drop-down menu, choose “Company Search” to look for people you are connected to within different organizations.


Towards the top of any webpage you will see the Linkedin Toolbar.  In this area, click on Jobs, and then choose the drop down for Advanced Job Search.  Often times, recruiters will post jobs on Linkedin.

Saved Searches

Your free Linkedin account allows you to save up to three searches and receive weekly updates by email.  First, click on “People” at the top of the screen.  Look at the right side of the blue bar towards the top of the page for “Saved Searches”.  Click on Saved Searches and enter your criteria.


Email Signature

You can create a signature that shows your contact information and LinkedIn profile in your own email account.  This is a good way to build contacts and get more people to look at your profile.   Go to the very bottom of your home page and click on “Overview” in the “Tools” row. Click the “Try it Now” button in the “Email signature” section at the bottom.

Network Updates

There is a section on Linkedin where you can post an answer to the question “what are you working on now?”  Others will be able to see this information and it is a good way to promote any special projects or accomplishments.  To use this feature, click on home on the left side of any screen.  Look for “Network Updates” in the middle of the page.

Custom Profile

You can create a custom web address for your profile.  Custom web addresses are a nice addition to your resume or business cards.   To create a custom address, click 'Edit Your Profile' on the left side of your homepage.  Then choose 'Edit' beside  'Public Profile' .


Your free Linkedin account allows you up to five introductions at a time.  If you find someone on Linkedin that one of your contacts knows, you can ask to be introduced. 


Towards the top of any webpage you will see the Linkedin Toolbar.  Visiting the “Answers” page allows you to read Q&A about different topics.  This is a good place to research hot topics in different industries and gather information.  You can also post questions and answers yourself to share your expertise.