Facebook - Maximize Benefits & Minimize Potential Problems


20% of managers check out job applicants' profiles on Facebook before making a final decision, and of those profiles reviewed, one third were ultimately rejected. (Careerbuilder.com)

Would you be comfortable showing your Facebook page to prospective employers? Make your online presence work for you and not against you with employers.  Follow these tips to maximize your chances of landing a great job!

  • Utilize the Education and Work History sections to sell yourself to potential recruiters.
  • Add friends selectively – are they people you trust to write appropriate comments on your page?  
  • Use the Write Something About Yourself box under the profile picture to give a brief professional summary or elevator speech.fb
  • Connect with previous coworkers/professional contacts.
  • Choose the applications you add selectively.
  • Join groups related to your career or the one in which you would like to work.
  • Evaluate photos you post of yourself and friends – would you be comfortable showing them to an employer?
  • Frequently check that friends have not “tagged” you (attached your name) in inappropriate photos.
  • Think before you update your status. (You may not want a recruiter to know that you are planning to party tonight!)
  • Review your wall posts, remove potentially harmful messages.
  • Consider leaving the Politics and Religious Views section blank.
  • Consider omitting the year from your birthday.
  • Objectively evaluate any information you write under Activities, Interests, Movies, Books, and Quotes.  Remember – not everything you are interested in needs to be included on your Facebook; try adding information that is relevant or shows your commitment to your professional field.
  • Use Privacy Settings to control who can view your information and what access level they can have.