Attend Classes

  1. Before the first day of class
  • Purchase books, tools, and supplies
  • Have your Student ID Card made in CL103
    (You will need a photo ID & your Current Schedule)
  • Pick-up your parking decal from the Cashier's or Security office
    • Place in rear windshield on the driver's side (inside the vehicle>
    • Required at all campuses
  • Attendance
    • Arrive on time
    • Be prepared
    • Join in the discussion (ask questions)
  • Homework/Studying
    • Study at least 2 hours for every hour of class time
    • Form a connection with other students in your classes
    • Visit the tutoring lab, library, and your instructor for assistance before it is too late
  • Student Life Activities
    • Attend extra-curricular events designed to enhance Learning and Leadership