Levine Campus

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The Levine Campus offers Business, International and General Studies programs. Our full-service campus also provides college preparatory, GED and college transfer classes, as well as Corporate and Continuing Education classes. The facility includes two art rooms, two biology and three chemistry flex labs, two Student Technology Centers, two dance/aerobics rooms, a fitness/weight room, a Transfer Resource Center and an Academic Learning Center, which includes tutoring, a Language Lab and Placement and Course Testing Services. Our programs provide entry level to advanced educational options and allow students to earn degrees, diplomas, certificates or professional certifications.

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Levine Campus is home to the following programs:

Other programs and services

The Levine Campus is also home to the Joe Hendrick Center for Automotive Technology. Each year, the center serves more than 3,000 students who aspire to be automotive technicians as well as technicians who seek updated automotive technical skills.

A partnership between CPCC and CMS, the Levine Middle College High School is designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to complete their high school graduation requirements while earning college credit through CPCC. Applications for admission may be obtained from the CMCHS Principal, Mr. Joey Burch at joey.burch@cms.k12.nc.us. The high schools close to the Levine Campus are Ardrey Kell, Butler, East Mecklenburg, Independence and Providence.

The Levine Campus also hosts THE Geek Festival each year. In addition to showcasing many of CPCC’s programs and resources, THE Geek Fest features pioneering regional and national businesses and their contributions to a variety of fields and industries that include communications, mobile development, entertainment, gaming, automotive technologies, information technologies, design, programming and much more.

    The dean of the Levine Campus is Dr. Edith Valladares McElroy.