Student Copiers


Student copying costs 10 cents each if using a coin box equipped copier or 7 cents if using a copy card on a copy card equipped copier.Save some money - if you are using a copy card, have it recharged at  the Campus Printing Center and your copies will be only 5 cents each.

Where to Buy Copy Cards

Central Campus Campus Printing Center

Central Campus Student Life Center Overcash 241

Central Campus Library

North Campus Cashier's Office Claytor 1103

Harper Campus Library

Levine Campus Library

Cato Campus Law Library

Harris Campus Library

Student Copier Locations With Coin Boxes and Copy Card Readers

                                      Levine Campus Library

                                      Levine Campus Levine 1117

                                      Central Campus Library 1st Floor

                                      Cato Campus Library

                                      Harper Campus Library

                                      Harris Campus Library

Student Copier Locations With Copy Card Readers Only

                                Central Campus Central High Bldg. 116

                                 Central Campus Library 4th Floor

                                 Central Campus Library 1st Floor

                                 Central Campus Overcash Bldg. 241

                                 Central Campus Advanced Technology Bldg. 101

                                  Central Campus Levine-IT 2126

                                  Central Campus Levine-IT 1st Floor Lab

                                   North Campus Criminal Justice Bldg. back hall

                                   North Campus Transport Systems 2nd Floor

                                  Cato Campus Law Library


CPCC Campus Printing

1108A Charlottetowne Ave.

Charlotte, NC 28204