My Enactus QC Partner Projects


    Walmart Women's Economic Empowerment Partner Project with The Sycamore Project:

      The Sycamore Project is operated by a woman who while extensively trained in the arts has struggled with fundamental and key business concepts. This has so far led to an inability to gain secure footing for the organization of which she is in charge to ensure that the excellent work that is done in the community continues.

      The successful empowerment of this entrepreneur will have a significant ripple effect in enhancing the quality of life of people she serves in the community.

      Project Concept

      The Sycamore Project provides dance, theater and film arts education primarily to youth in underserved communities and adults. The organization, which is headed by an arts trained female, has encountered difficulty with sustainability. While very well versed in the arts it is felt that the lack of sustainability is due to a lack of business and organizational skills. The project concept is to make the Sycamore Project sustainable.

      Project Execution

      The objective will be to infuse basic business and economic concepts and practices into the organization in an effort to re-direct it from one that operates from project to project to an ongoing operational design.



      The Harvey Cummings Project:

      Harvey Cummings has compiled and employed a band (company) to run business as The Harvey Cummings Project. He has booked numerous events and related contracts since 2007. Harvey, a young entrepreneur has been stifled by an inability to engage sound managerial and accounting processes to ensure that his abilities and contracted employees can accomplish more with their company in the local and national music industry. Harvey Cummings II teaches free classes for students at local CMS schools and volunteers with his band by providing entertainment at community events.

      Successfully empowering this small business, The Harvey Cummings Project, will significantly enhance the lives of the company and all of the patrons and community members it serves. There will be nothing that prevents us from following up with our contact for this project as needed.

      Project Concept

      The Harvey Project provides live music of multiple genres for corporate events such as for the Carolina Panthers, the Congressional Black Congress and NASCAR to name a few. The band volunteers their time and talent to youth that would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn music, and in underserved communities. The organization is run by a classically trained with a dual degree yet has encountered difficulty with sustaining the business skills required for longevity in the industry. The project concept is to make the Harvey Cummings Project sustainable by implementing sound business and accounting practices and marketing efforts.

      Project Execution will include the following anticipated measurable outcomes:

      • A consistent established process for documenting accounting and contracts
      • Established processes to document media and marketing
      • A calendar of events routinely updated and placed with various media outlets