We recognize the power of the online environment and networking as key components to success for our students in the future. Many of our students have chosen to be on Linkedin in order to network and seek career opportunities. The Business and Accounting Division at CPCC encourages students to keep a professional appearance in dress, on-line resume and in social media such as Linkedin. If you are interested in whether Linkedin may be a good option for you we recommend looking into the site and offer this Youtube from Linkedin to help in your decision.

We invite all of our current students, alumni, advisory boards members, faculty, and interested professionals to connect with Business and Accounting in our LinkedIn Group.

Click here to join!

There are some excellent discussions on:

  • Current topics in business and accounting
  • Job search strategies
  • News of the Business and Accounting Program offerings
  • Jobs and Internships
  • Upcoming events

LinkedIn participation is voluntary on the part of the students because it is the professional web presence. If you have any questions – please talk to one of your Business and Accounting faculty. Remember we consider this to be a professional site and require students to maintain professional decorum in the group discussions.