What marketing degrees or certificates can I earn at CPCC?

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration – Marketing and Retailing (A25120M).


The program is designed to equip you with essential marketing skills leading to employment opportunities in: retailing, customer service, telemarketing, social media, television, radio, sports marketing, and more.

    How can I view the CPCC College Catalog?

    You can access the CPCC College Catalog online. Click here to view.

    How much does it cost to attend CPCC?

    Current tuition and fees are listed online at www.cpcc.edu/cashiering.

    How long will it take me to complete the program if I attend school full-time?

    For an A.A.S. degree in marketing, it consists of a minimum of 68 credit hours of courses. A student who attends full time and takes 15 - 16 hours per semester should be able to complete the program in two years, including one or two summer terms..

    May I complete the program by attending school part-time?

    Absolutely, in fact most of our students are part-time.

    How long will it take me to complete the program if I attend school part-time?

    The time that it takes to complete the program depends entirely on the number of semester hours you complete every semester, which can vary for every individual. For example, if you complete 9 - 10 semester hours per semester, you will complete the required hours in eight semesters (or about 2 ½ years). If you complete four semester hours per semester, you will complete the required hours in 18 semesters (or about 6 years). If you do not take classes every semester the time needed to complete the required hours will be extended.

    Is it possible to complete the program by attending only evening courses?

    Yes, it is. The courses are offered in the evenings and at a variety of campus locations.

    Is it possible to complete the program by attending only weekend classes?

    No, it is not.

    Is it possible to complete the program at one of CPCC’s satellite campuses?

    Yes, you may complete the program at the Levine Campus.

    Are entrance and/or placement exams required?

    Entrance exams are not required to attend CPCC. However, minimum scores on placement exams are prerequisites to certain curriculum courses. A minimum score on the mathematics placement exam is a prerequisite for the MAT (mathematics) course required in the A.A.S. degree programs. A minimum score on the English placement exam is a prerequisite for all of the ENG (English) courses required in the A.A.S. degree programs. If the student does not achieve the minimum scores, the student will be required to complete certain developmental courses before being allowed to register for the curriculum courses in the area of study for which they did not score high enough. You should make an appointment to take these placement exams as soon as possible after submitting your application. Contact the Admissions Center at any of the campuses or area centers, or by calling 704.330.CPCC (2722) to arrange an appointment. You will not be permitted to register for the required MAT and ENG curriculum courses unless you have achieved the minimum score on the appropriate placement exam or have successfully completed the appropriate advancement studies course(s).

    I completed some courses at another college. Will CPCC give me credit for these toward my degree?

    Yes, we will. You may see an adviser for this process. Advisers are available at all our campus locations.

    When can I start the program?

    You may start the program at any time. Your first step in this process is to sit down with an adviser and fill out the required paperwork. Advisers are available at any of our campus locations.

    Does CPCC offer financial aid?

    Yes. For additional information on the types of financial aid available and the qualifications to receive financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at 704.330.6942.

    How do I enroll in the program?

    If you are currently attend CPCC you should contact your adviser and they will make the necessary changes to your student records. If you are a new student or have not taken a class here for two years or more your first step is to submit a completed admissions form. This may be done online at our web site www.cpcc.edu/getstarted, through the mail or in person at any campus location. A copy of the admissions form may be found at any campus location or in the course schedule.


    Due to advances in the dynamic and competitive global business environment, we make relevant revisions and updates to the content of our courses and curriculum in order to meet the needs of business and industry. As a result of this, in an effort to maintain the quality of our program offerings, the Business and Accounting division will not accept accounting and business courses which are more than 10 years old. The accounting and business course prefixes affected include:

    • ACC

    • BAF

    • BAS

    • BUS

    • ECM

    • ECO

    • INT

    • LOG

    • OMT

    • MKT