Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) is a concentration under the curriculum title of Business Administration. This curriculum is designed to meet the demands of business and service agencies. The objective is the development of generalists and specialists in the administration, training, and management of human resources. Course work includes studies in management, interviewing, placement, needs assessment, planning, legal issues, compensation and benefits, and training techniques.

Students will be prepared for employment opportunities in personnel, training, and other human resource development areas. These skill sets directly apply to employees who are tasked with human resource and business management roles.

Examples of Students in Human Resource management:

  • Preparing to transition to human resource roles within their current organization
  • Developing skill sets to move into management and leadership roles
  • Transitioning Veterans focusing their skills in HRM areas such as recruiting, training, and human resources generalist
  • Seeking roles in human resources functions within small to medium organizations
  • Building people management skills and expertise to better leverage positions as office manager and practice manager
  • Seeking entry level human resource roles within medium to large organizations

We offer three choices for pursuing a Human Resources Career:

We recommend you contact ADMISSIONS to determine the process for enrolling at CPCC.

We encourage you speak to your advisor and/or the Program Chair, David Zietlow (, for Human Resources Management once you have been enrolled at CPCC and are thinking about the human resource options at CPCC.