Worksite Wellness Guidelines

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Policy 4.29 II C – Professional Development

All employees will complete a minimum of 20 hours of job-related professional development training per year.  The 20 hours may be a combination of internal official CPCC classes, supervisor-approved external activities as reported with the Performance Development Plan (PDP), and a maximum of 4 hours related to worksite wellness.  Professional performance is directly related to physical health.  Exemptions to training may be made in writing by an employee’s supervisor. 

Worksite Wellness Guidelines
Employees attending a College sponsored Worksite Wellness event listed in LearnerWeb will receive one-hour credit per event. To receive Professional Development credit for physical health activities not listed in LearnerWeb, employees will submit each activity through LearnerWeb Outside Activity link. Each of the following activities qualifies for a one-time, one-hour credit per activity:

  • Participating in a dance, exercise or fitness program
  • Utilizing the College fitness center
  • Attending a health or fitness lunch and learn
  • Participating in a biking, running, walking or other athletic program
  • Attending a health or wellness event