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Dr. Terina R. Lathe at NC State in Adult and Community College Education

Dr. Gary Ritter at UNC-Charlotte in Educational Leadership


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Rick Helms Recognized for

Writing Talents

Published: 03/17/2011

Psychology instructor and CPCC award-winning mystery author Rick Helms (Levine Campus) has received Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer Award finalist nominations in two categories. The nominations, announced March 1, came in the Long Fiction (4,001-8,000 words) category, for his story "Silicon Kings" (Back Alley Webzine, April 2010); and in the Novelette (8,001-17,500 words) category for "The Gods for Vengeance Cry" (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, November 2010). This is the second time Helms has received two nominations for the Derringers in the same year. He previously did so in 2008, when he also won both. The winners of the Derringer Awards for 2011, based on voting by the 1,300 members of the Short Mystery Fiction Society, will be announced on April 1.

Helms' 14th novel, "Thunder Moon," comes out June 15 from Five Star/Cengage.





The Parr Fellows Award”:

The Parr Fellows Award recognizes outstanding teaching in the College Transfer program.

Catherine Felton - Instructor, Sociology (2007SP)

Anthony Bass - Instructor, Psychology (2009FA)

Gary Ritter - Instructor, History (2009FA)







William D. Brinnier, MA (Instructor, Psychology)

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