CPCC Psi Beta contact website

Please contact Psi Beta at psibetacpcc@gmail.com for more information and applications



Interested in Joining PSI BETA ????






Students currently taking Psy 241 and 281 students with a 3.0 in Psychology classes and overall 2.95 and above qualify. There will be a Spring 2011 induction in April. Time is passing by quickly!


Any current Psy 150 students that are interested, Please complete an application and take the form to a cashiering window to pay fee and send copies to: Joan Jensen, Cato Campus Room #263. There will be an induction in the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester. Until then, you will participate as provisional members until your grades/classes are in.


Both forms can be found to the left of this window.  Click on the appropriate form.