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Fall 2016 NEWS

Model United Nations Club updates:

MUN Meetings are held on Fridays from 1:30-2:30PM at the Levine Campus in LV 1410.

Central Campus meets on Mondays from 2:15-3:15PM in Zeiss building in Room 1115.




Model United Nations Club updates:

  • The MUN Club is meeting this semester on Fridays from 12-1PM at the Levine Campus, Room 3312.
  • Four MUN students attended the Southern Regional MUN conference in Atlanta, GA in November and had a great experience.
  • Three MUN students will be attending the Harvard National MUN conference in Boston, MA in February 12-15, representing Doctors Without Borders, Refugees International, and The Guardian.
  • Club members will be attending the Southern Regional MUN conference at the Omni in Charlotte, NC, April 9-11. New members are also welcome to attend.
  • Interested students are welcome to come to our meetings or contact us for more information. Now is the great time to join the club.

1.Timothy Walsh (club President): twalsh02@email.cpcc.edu

2. Teresa Hall (club advisor): Teresa.Hall@cpcc.edu



Model United Nations Club will have two options for meeting times for the Fall 2011 semester:
1.  Thursdays at 3:30-4:30 in Levine 1307 on the Levine Campus
2.  Fridays at 12:30-1:30 in Levine 1307 on the Levine Campus

Students may attend either of the weekly meetings.

We will be attending the Carolina’s Conference at UNCC in October and at least one out-of-town conference (to be determined by the group) this year.  We are currently welcoming new participants; right now is a good time to join to participate in this semester’s events.  Students may either simply show up at the meeting or email me for more information.


April Events 2011

On April 20, MUN will participate in the Earth Day/International Festival at the Levine Campus.  We will display information about the nation and culture of Tanzania and serve some Tanzanian cuisine!  One of our students, Katie Dolmatova, will be doing an internship in Tanzania this summer.  The other members of the MUN club were excited to support her fundraising efforts and help her win a scholarship to fund her internship.  So, our display will also feature Katie’s fundraising video and information about her internship program.  As winning this scholarship is partly determined by the number of votes her video receives, I have included the links with information about her program and her video.  Please help MUN spread the word about Katie’s scholarship and internship opportunity and about the club’s efforts to support one of our students in this great educational opportunity.

The links for Katie Dolmatova’s internship and scholarship:

Cross Cultural Solutions is the organization through which Katie is doing her internship.  Here is the link to their website:  http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org

Here is the link to Katie’s webpage about her upcoming trip.  You will just need to enter her last name (Dolmatova) into the text box to open the site: http://my.crossculturalsolutions.org/Sponsor/SponsorSearchPage.aspx




The Model United Nations Carolina’s Conference at UNCC and

The Model Arab League Conference at Converse College

CPCC’s Model United Nations Club has been very busy this year.  On October 22 and 23, two teams attended the Model United Nations Carolina’s Conference at UNCC.  Students represented France and Turkey and found it to be a very interesting learning experience.  One Levine Campus student, Benjamin Welsh, won two awards at the Carolina’s Conference: Best Position Paper for Security Council and Outstanding Delegate for Security Council.

From March 11-13, the MUN Club represented the nation of Chad in the Model Arab League Conference at Converse College.  The students (and faculty advisors) had a great time debating current world issues, meeting new people from across the country, and learning about the parliamentary process via role playing the part of a delegate from Chad to the Arab League.  One student, Jordan Huggins, represented Iraq in a Model Court of Justice case against Kuwait.  Benjamin Welsh and Jossy Salguero-Schwartz received a Committee Chair’s Commendation for facilitating cooperation and providing clarity when debate in the Palestinian Affairs Committee became heated.  All of the students represented CPCC well in their committee debates.




Announcement from Model United Nations

CPCC's Model United Nations club will be participating in a Model Arab League conference in Spartanburg, SC, from March 11-13 (second weekend of Spring Break) as the nation of Chad.  There are several more slots available if anyone would like to participate.  You will need to make the commitment within the next week or so, if you wish to attend the conference. You may also participate in a supporting role, if you would like to be a part of the club but cannot attend the conference.  You may wish to check out the conference committees and topics.  Participants will each serve on one committee.  Depending on the number of students who attend the conference, there will be one or two students per committee.

Please contact Teresa Hall at Teresa.Hall@cpcc.edu if you are interested.  The club meets Mondays at 2:15 in LV1408 (Levine Campus).


Welcome to the 21st Annual Collegiate Carolina's Conference 2010
Striving for a free and prosperous tomorrow

Carolina's Conference is a Model United Nations Conference where students from UNC Charlotte and across the nation will step into the role of ambassadors in a mock United Nations simulation.

There are six students from CPCC attending the Carolinas Conference at UNCC representing France and Turkey.  Let's come out and support our own!

Date: Friday, October 22, 2010

Time: 5:00 PM

Cost: Free

Location: Adviser Lounge: CHHS 157


Date: Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time: 8:00 AM

Cost: Free

Location: Adviser Lounge: CHHS 157

This is mainly a training conference for new and returning delegates that need practice of their skills. UNCC hosts this conference in an
effort to give a precursor to larger conferences and delegates of all levels that will be in attendance. Universities usually come to this event
with students that need an introduction to the MUN experience and students that need to renew their skills as delegates. It is common practice for schools to pair veteran delegates with new delegates.

Individual awards will be given out in each committee, as well as delegation/country awards.

Further updates to follow!