Spring 2015

The History Club will start weekly meetings for spring 2015 on Thursday, January 15, from 1-2PM. We are moving the meetings to Elizabeth Classroom Building 3126.


Fall 2014

In fall 2014, club members gave presentations about various history topics including the History of Zimbabwe,
the British Royal Family, the Jewish Community in Charlotte, and Art History.
The CPCC History Club visited the Carolinas Aviation Museum on October 30, 2014. We saw the "Miracle on the Hudson" exhibit and various historical aircraft. We also tried out the aircraft flight deck simulators.
Carolinas Aviation Museum
Charlotte, NC

The club held a special election on October 16 and elected Dennis Van Anden as Secretary. Club members had a great time at the Fall Fest on October 22. Members had submitted a variety of questions for the History Trivia Challenge, and students and others who stopped by were invited to answer a question from the Big Ol’ Box of History.