Fall 2017

The History Club meets Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 pm in Overcash 232 at the Central Campus. The club has presentations, look at "History in the News," and makes trips to local historical sites.

On Friday, September 15,2017, the club made a trip to Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte.

Please contact Hugh.Dussek@cpcc.edu for further information about the History Club.

Spring 2017

The History Clubs meets on Thursdays from 1-2 pm in Overcash 213 at the Central Campus. The Club has presentations about history and  makes trips to local historical sites.

Spring Fest 2017

On Wednesday, April 12, the History Club participated in the CPCC Spring Fest at Central Campus. Students could play a game "This Day in History."

Spring Fest

Trip to Historic Rosedale Plantation

On Friday, April 7, the History Club visited Historic Rosedale Plantation on North Tryon Street. Built in 1815, the house has gardens and a smith.

Tour of the "Trial of History" Statues on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway

On Friday, March 10, club members and faculty gave talks about the historic statues on the "Trail of History":

Captain James Jack, King Haigler and Thomas "Kanawha" Spratt, William Henry Belk and Thad Tate.


Trip to the Charlotte Museum of History

Charlotte Museum of History

On Friday, November 18, members of the History Club visited the Charlotte Museum of History and Hezekiah Alexander Homesite.


Fall 2016

Fall Fest 2016

The History Club weekly meets on Thursday from 1-2 pm in Overcash 255 at the Central Campus.

Presentations for this semester include: Ancient Egypt; the U.S. Constitution; the French Revolution; King Philip's War; History and the Media, Sarah Childress Polk, Revolutions and the Dutch East India Company. The club took part in the Fall Fest on Wednesday, October 19, at the Central Campus from 10am to 2pm. The Annual Election for club officers is planned for November 10. A trip to the Charlotte Museum of History is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, November 18.



Spring 2016

Trip to Historic Brattonsville

On Friday, March 18, the History Club visited Historic Brattonsville in South Carolina. The site has numerous buildings illustrating the history of settlement in the area. There is a reconstructed cabin used by the European settlers, some early houses, slave cabins, a cotton gin and a large plantation home. The site is a living history museum with animals and a docent explained about spinning wool. We also toured the site of a Revolutionary War battle, the Battle of Huck's Defeat. 




The History Club has weekly meetings on Thursdays from 1-2PM in Overcash 250 at the Central Campus. We have discussions on "History in the News" and “Today in History.” This semester we also have presentations on topics including the History of Fashion, the Muslim Brotherhood, the History of Special Effects, and the Egyptian pharaoh, Hatshepsut. There are always snacks.

The next History Club trip is on Friday, March 18, from 12-4 pm to Historic Brattonsville in South Carolina: http://chmuseums.org/brattonsville/


Fall 2015

Reed Gold Mine in Midland, NC

*The History Club will take the first trip to Reed Gold Mine on Wednesday, October 14, from 9 am-12 PM.*

The History Club will start the weekly meetings for Fall 2015 on Thursday, August 20, 2015, from 1-2PM. We are moving the meetings to Overcash Building room 250.

The History Club is back in action for fall 2015. We meet every Thursday from 1-2pm in Overcash 250 at the Central Campus. There are snacks and drinks.

Elections: Elections for club officers are planned for September 24.


September 10: Heroes and Heroines

September 24: Foods of the World

October 1: Ancient Egypt

October 8: World War II

TBD: Teddy Roosevelt

Trip to Historical Site: This semester, we are planning to visit Reed Gold Mine. http://www.nchistoricsites.org/reed/ The date hasn’t yet been decided. History in the News:  There is always something about history in the news.


Spring 2015

Trip to Latta Plantation On Thursday, April 30, members of the History Club visited Historic Latta Plantation. Built about 1800, the house is close to Huntersville on the Catawba River. Club members looked at the small museum and interpretive center and toured the house, which has been restored with furniture and artifacts to represent the era of the Early Republic. The site also has a working historical farm. Further Information about Historic Latta Plantation is at: http://www.lattaplantation.org/latta/index.php

Latta PlantationLatta PlantationLatta PlantationLatta Plantation

The History Club will start weekly meetings for spring 2015 on Thursday, January 15, from 1-2PM. We are moving the meetings to Elizabeth Classroom Building 3126.


Fall 2014

In fall 2014, club members gave presentations about various history topics including the History of Zimbabwe,
the British Royal Family, the Jewish Community in Charlotte, and Art History.
The CPCC History Club visited the Carolinas Aviation Museum on October 30, 2014. We saw the "Miracle on the Hudson" exhibit and various historical aircraft. We also tried out the aircraft flight deck simulators.
Carolinas Aviation Museum
Charlotte, NC