Discipline Chair: Dr. Beau Bowers, (704) 330-2722x4257,

Welcome to the Anthropology Department at Central Piedmont Community College where we have several courses that will meet the needs and interests of students working on two-year programs, those who plan to transfer to four-year institutions and other who are just interested in anthropology. Although the content and focus of study differs from class to class, upon completion of our courses all of our anthropology students will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental characteristics of culture.
  • Identify and evaluate anthropological perspectives on diversity among human populations.
  • Analyze how human economic and political strategies shape social structures.
  • Understand the basics of ethnography
  • Assess the relationships between environment and culture.
  • Integrate different ideas and concepts within a position.

The College Catalogue lists three anthropology courses available at CPCC, General Anthropology (ANT 210), Cultural Anthropology (ANT 220), and Comparative Cultures (ANT 221).