Organization & Annual Audit Plan

The Associate Vice President of Auditing Services and Reporting reports administratively to the President’s Cabinet and functionally to the Executive Vice President. The Associate Vice President is responsible for developing, executing, and monitoring the College’s internal audit activities. To carry out duties and responsibilities, the Associate Vice President of Auditing Services and Reporting has unrestricted access to college records and personnel relevant to the performance of the audit.

Annually, the Associate Vice President prepares a preliminary audit plan for the College. The proposed audit plan covers a four year period and is structured to meet the needs of the College. It provides the flexibility to conduct audits as requested during the year in addition to the annually required audits. Each year there may be some carry-over of prior year projects. After review and approval by the President’s Cabinet, the Audit Plan is submitted to the Finance Committee for approval. The objective is to continually assess high-risk areas of the College and to evaluate critical business processes throughout the College as resources permit.