Message from the Internal Auditor

The most important asset of Central Piedmont Community College is its employees and the time they expend to accomplish the College’s goals and objectives. The Internal Audit Office is a service unit organized to help the College achieve its goals and objectives. Each assignment is viewed as an opportunity to work together to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of college operations and to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations as well as college policies and procedures.

Internal Audit is a business partner of and independent advisor to Central Piedmont’s administration and Board of Trustees. The Internal Audit Office provides professional reviews, reliable independent appraisals, and value added recommendations for the effective and efficient achievement of financial and operating objectives. The internal auditor works with the College community to develop reasonable solutions and corrections to business challenges that arise. The most successful audit projects are those in which the administrator and the internal auditor have a constructive working relationship. Internal Audit’s ongoing goal is to help assure the effectiveness, efficiency, and success of Central Piedmont Community College. Professionalism and commitment to excellence are facilitated by operating within a framework of professional practice established by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Brenda Leonard

Brenda Merricks Leonard, Ed.D., CBM
Associate V.P. of Auditing Services and Reporting