College and Career Readiness Lab Cards

Please make sure the following is on each lab card:

  1. Student's name.
  2. Student ID number.
  3. Student's signature.
  4. Class name, number, and section.
  5. Days and hours student attended.
  6. Total of all hours student attended, include fractions of time**
    a. On each card, circle the total and initial it.

**If a student has withdrawn, we can still count the hours the student attended.

How to prepare the cards for FTE processing:

  1. Alphabetize the cards by student’s last name.
  2. Record the time as follows:
  • Per NCCCS memos 93-259 and 02-128: “Student time in class other than whole hours may be rounded to the nearest one-fourth (1/4) hour. For example, if a student attended a 6:00-9:00 p.m. class from 6:00 to 7:40 p.m., the student would be reported for one hour and forty-five minutes of attendance (rounding to the nearest one-fourth of an hour). If the same student attended from 6:00 to 7:35 p.m., the student would be reported for one and one-half hours of instruction.”
  • On the attendance roster, record the total number of hours, with fractions of time.
    For example:
    235.5 = 236
    556.67 = 557
  • Be sure to indicate any orientation/assessment hours completed by the student.  NOTE:  these orientation/assessment hours can only be counted if the student receives instruction; the instruction must occur in the same semester as the orientation/assessment hours.
  • Add all totals to get the total contact hours for the entire class, round off to the nearest whole number and record the grand total beside Contact Hours. Record the total number of students counted beside Total Students Enrolled At Census Date (both are above the students’ names). Staple only one copy of the adding machine tape to the front of the roster on the lower left side.
  • For large classes, total each page attaching the adding machine tape to it then run a final tape with only the page totals and attach it to the top roster on the lower left side.
  • Wrap the roster around the lab cards with a rubber band so that the class and student information is visible.
  • Submit this information to the Compliance & Audit Office, College Administration Bldg. #4.

  • Special Note:

    If a student’s signature is missing from their lab card, please attach a copy of the in-class registration form to the lab card.

    Rev. 02/12