TOP 25 COURSES Subcommittee – Gatekeeper Courses

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Quantitative Data Analyzed:

Course success rates for top 25 enrolled gatekeeper courses versus what they might reasonably be.  

Major Findings of Data Analysis:

For the courses: ACC120, CIS110, COM231, ENG111, ENG113, MAT161, PSY150, SPA111, gaps between existing success rates and the target of 70% ranged from .2% to 21.1%; gaps between existing success rates and the target of 75% ranged from 5.2% and 26.1%.


Based on a survey of course practices, the one major change that could be expected to raise success rates is the introduction of RED/ENG prerequisites for the courses: COM110, COM231, HIS111, PSY150, SOC210, SOC213.
Overall curriculum course grade data shows that after the new W policy went into effect, there were more A-C grades, more F’s, and fewer student W’s. The rate of instructor W’s remained roughly the same.


Other Information Regarding the Decision Making Process:

The number of additional completions that could be generated by boosting success rates in even a select number of gatekeeper courses dwarfs the number of additional completions that would be generated by closing demographic or delivery gaps.


Suggested Qualitative Data Needed:

We need to know what exactly causes lower success rates in gatekeeper courses, and best practices for increasing success rates without harming the quality of learning.

Why are some gatekeeper course success rates so low?


Resulting Priority:

Increase success rates in top 25 enrolled gatekeeper courses.


 January 2011