TOP 25 COURSES Subcommittee: 20 – 24 Year Olds

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Quantitative Data Analyzed:

Top 25 course success rates for 20-24-year-olds versus the population.


Major Findings of Data Analysis:

  • 20-24 year olds are 4.5% less successful in top-25 classes than the population.
  • 20-24 year olds comprise 36.54% of the population.
  • Closing the success gap between 20-24 year olds and the population would yield 381 more completions per term in top 25 classes.
  • 20-24 year olds were a little more likely than the population to be black males and Pell recipients.


Other Information Regarding the Decision Making Process:

Numerically, this is the largest demographic gap we found for top 25 courses. 


Suggested Qualitative Data Needed:

We need to know what exactly causes lower success rates for 20-24 year old students, what life issues or developmental issues impact success rates for these students in gatekeeper courses.

 It would also be helpful to know what causes students to enter college at this age, and what changes we or students could make to help students of this age be more successful.


Resulting Priority:

Increase success rates among 20-24 year old students.


 January 2011