RETENTION Subcommittee - Priority 1

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Quantitative Data Analyzed:

 Data Set: Retention for New Students Fall 2007 (Includes previous dual enrolled students)


Major Findings of Data Analysis:

 Students under the age of 20 are being retained at a higher rate across race, gender and ethnicity. It would be beneficial to understand why this is happening and if there are any transferable practices to groups that are retained at lower rates


Other Information Regarding the Decision Making Process:



Suggested Qualitative Data Needed:

1.      Focus Groups:

a.      over 20 student population to “assess gaps”

b.      under 20 student population- “what is working?” i.e. best practices


2.      Refreshers (basic skills- not strictly developmental courses or ACA) for adult students


Resulting Priority:

By utilizing best practices of students under 20 move to increasing retention for students in the above 20 population.




January 2011