RETENTION Subcommittee - Priority 3

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Quantitative Data Analyzed:

Data Set(s):

1.      Retention for New Students Fall 2007 (Includes previous dual enrolled students)

2.      Graduation rates become a function of retention rates


Major Findings of Data Analysis:

African American Males are underrepresented in our overall population. They are in addition, the lowest group overall retained. 65% of African American males in 2007 did not return from Fall 07 to Fall 08.


Other Information Regarding the Decision Making Process:

We need to look at course completion (schedules) for non-retained students for Fall 07 and Spring 08.


Suggested Qualitative Data Needed:

Focus Groups: continued focus groups to find out about some of the motivating factors for returning.  i.e., Why did they come to CPCC? Why are they staying? Does course sequencing play a role? Does GPA have an impact? Does financial aid play a role?


Resulting Priority:

 Need to improve Fall to Fall retention rates for African American Males.



January 2011