ENG/RED Subcommittee Report

 Quantitative Data Analyzed:

  •  Fall 2007-2009 cohort of students enrolled in developmental ENG/RED courses.
  • Fall 2009 course data 

Major Findings of Data Analysis:

  • Students ages 20-24 had lower A-C grades than their younger counterparts.
  • Of 670 on-line grades given in developmental ENG/RED, with the exception of ENG 080 and ENG085, the A-C rate lagged the traditional rate by 15%-26%.
  •  In all developmental ENG/RED courses, African American/Black male performance lagged in comparison to overall success rates.
  • In the Fall 2007 cohort, the number of new students who did not take ENG or RED placement tests was surprising.

Other Information Regarding the Decision Making Process:


Suggested Qualitative Data Needed:

  • Did students prepare for the placement test?
  • Why were so few sections of ENG/RED 085/095 offered?  If available, would students take advantage of these courses?
  • An analysis of priorities for the 20-24 age group at CPCC.

Resulting Priority:


January 2011