Members - Core Team

Core Team Profile

  • Broadly representative with key faculty involved
  • Thorough understanding of College data and assessment of initiatives
  • Guiding team for discussion, prioritization, implementation of improvements
  • Crucial communication link to larger communities



Joey Anderson

Instructor, Math

Susan Autry

Instructor, History

Amy Bruining (Co-Chair)

Associate Dean, Graduation/Inst. Records

Marcia Conston


Rita Dawkins

Dean, Student Success Services

Catherine deLoach

PT Faculty, ACA

Lisa Foley

Instructor, Developmental Reading

Gary Gilbody

Instructor, IT

Frank Idohou

Student Government Leader

Bruce Johnson

Division Director, Math

Terina Lathe

Instructor, Sociology

Ilia Lively

Instructor, Spanish

Suzanne Marcoux

Instructor, French

Clint McElroy

Dean, Retention Services

Edith McElroy

Campus Dean, Levine

Kay Miller

Division Director, Health Sciences

Elizabeth Teagarden (Co-Chair)

Instructor, English/Reading

Susan Oleson-Briggs

Exec. Asst. to the President

Darrien Page

Asst. Director of HS Programs

Chad Ray

Dean, STEM-S

Gary Ritter

Instructor, History

Johnnie Roach

Student Life Facilitator

Pamela Roberts

Instructor, Culinary

Greg Stanley

Administrator, Admissions/Registration

Pat West

Instructor, Marketing/Business and ATD Coordinator/Facilitator

Linda White

Instructor, Communications/Speech

Karen Williams

Division Director, English/Reading/Humanities

Tony Zeiss


Richard Zollinger

VP, Learning