Q: How much do the Lab Fees cost?

A: Studio Courses require a $56.00 lab fee (paid with tuition). This helps pay for some supplies and classroom items not furnished by the College. For example, gas to run kilns in Ceramics, easels and models in painting, plaster to build molds in Sculpture are paid out of lab fees. The maximum lab fee for a semester is $56.00, regardless of how many studio courses you are enrolled in.

Q: What supplies will I need?

A: You will receive a supply list from your instructor on the first day of class. Most likely this will include recommendations on quality of product as well as vendors. Art materials vary widely in price and quality. The best rule of thumb for any artist is to buy the best quality you can afford. Many local arts supply stores offer discounts for CPCC students (be sure to take your student ID).

It is the responsibility of the student to furnish his/her own supplies, and have them in class on time.

Q: Do I need to bring my supplies the first day of a studio class?

A: Bring any supplies you have that you feel may be appropriate to the class. Most Instructors will give you a supply list the first day of class.

Q: I can’t make my class; how do I let the instructor know?

A: You may contact your Instructor by e-mail or voice mail. These should be listed on your course syllabus. Also, you may leave a message by calling 704-330-6956.

Q: How do I find out who my advisor is?

A: Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned an advisor. You can find out who your advisor is through the Counseling Office, by asking one of your Instructors, or by calling the Program Office.

Q: I submitted my artwork for a school sponsored show, but didn’t pick it up at the scheduled time. How do I get my work back?

A: Never assume the department has the facilities to store your work beyond the scheduled period. Always make arrangements in advance to pick up your work. Contact the organizer of the show to determine when and where to arrange a pick up. If, after a reasonable amount of time the work has not been claimed, it will become the property of the Visual Arts Department and may be destroyed.

Q: The restrooms need to be restocked with essentials. Who do I contact?

A: Please let the Visual Arts Department know when there is a problem with any of the facilities. Let your Instructor know or call the Program Office with any questions or concerns.

Q: Does the Visual Arts Department have an attendance policy?

A: CPCC has an attendance policy that all departments must adhere to. Students are required to attend a minimum of 80 percent of scheduled class sessions during the term/semester. Please click here for more information about the attendance policy.

First Step to Enroll

Before registering, new and prospective students should contact the Program Office or the Program Chair.