Shriner Music Library

Music Library Services

The Music Library is designed and equipped primarily to meet the needs of CPCC students studying music, but it is also open to all who are enrolled here. Students may study, listen to assigned music, use research materials from the stacks in the adjacent office (238A), and research subject matter on the Internet. There are four computer stations and two listening stations for phonodiscs, CDs and tapes. The Music Faculty frequently leaves tests for students to take at their convenience.

Contents of the Music Library Office

The Music Library is full to overflowing with approximately seven thousand phonodiscs. The CD collection is much smaller, but growing steadily. To date there are approximately a thousand compact discs. Click here for CD listing.

The actual performance literature consists of music for piano ensemble, solo piano, organ, voice, chorus, solo instruments, orchestra, concert band, dance band and operas. Norton Scores miniature scores, a small number of VHS tapes and a beginning collection of DVDs are also available.

There is also a large Piano Pedagogy collection of method books past and present, as well as significant research materials regarding the teaching and playing of piano.

Research books in the stacks are categorized according to subject matter and cover theory, history, biography, instruments, children’s music, jazz, piano, conducting, chorus, song translations, music education, music business and dance.

Well recognized research holdings include Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (complete); Cassell’s French, Spanish, Italian and German Dictionaries; Harvard Dictionary of Music; Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians; The New Oxford Companion to Music and other quality research volumes. With the exception of a limited number of reference works, many of the materials may be checked out.

CPCC Learning Resource Center

There is also a vast collection of music research materials in the Central Campus library and in our online database. Resources labeled “circ” may be checked out, while books listed as “netlib” are electronic versions and may be read in entirety online. Those marked “ref” may be used only in the Resource Center.

Contact The Shriner Music Library

Music Library and Learning Resource Specialist: Laura Butler

Main Line: 704.330.6436

Campus: Central

Building: Sloan-Morgan Building
Room: 238
Address: 1220 Elizabeth Avenue

Hours: During the Fall and Spring Term the office is Open M-F from 8:00AM until Noon and 1:00PM until 5:00PM.
Room 238 remains open for student use during the lunch hour. During the summer the music library is closed.