About Applied Study

Applied study is an integral part of the CPCC music degree program. In order to study applied music at CPCC, a student must first audition for the full-time faculty at the beginning of the fall or spring semester. On a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the full-time faculty, the student will be assigned to an instructor and to one of the following:


2 Credit Applied Study

This course of study consists of the student receiving twelve (12) one hour lessons during the course of the semester (more if required by the applied instructor). The lessons culminate in a final jury performance where 3 pieces (instrumentalists) or 5 pieces (vocalists) are performed before the full-time faculty & the student’s applied instructor (optional). During the course of the jury the student may also be asked to demonstrate some knowledge of the pieces (its key, historical style period) as well as sight-reading.

Classroom study

This course of study is for students who will need guided preparation in order to achieve the musicianship necessary for private applied study. The requirements for this course are determined by the classroom instructor. The student will then need to audition again in order to take applied study.

Non-credit preparation for applied study

In some cases, the full-time music faculty will elect to ask the student to study privately without credit and re-audition for applied study at a later date. This is done also at the discretion of the full-time music faculty.

More Necessary Info

Registration for 2 credit applied is done exclusively through the Program Office Assistant. Students can register for classroom instruction according to the CPCC registration schedule. Once the student has been assigned a course of study and an applied instructor, the student pays the 2 credit tuition fee plus a $200 activity fee. If a student plays one jury piece in its entirety on the applied student recital that piece is not repeated at the final jury. If applied study is interrupted for either the fall or spring semester the student is required to re-audition in order to resume private lessons. See our course resources for Applied Study for more information.