Summer Semester 2014

8-week term dates: May 21 - July 17

Remember to register early for best selection!

Registration services are available via the INTERNET.  In-person assistance is available at all CPCC campuses during normal summer business hours, Monday-Thursday 7:30AM - 6:00PM, and during extended hours as published.

Open Registration is now underway!

Summer Registration Ends May 20

Summer Semester Begins May 21


  • Add Classes - Classes can be added at any point in the registration cycle from the beginning of the published registration period through the first 2 weekdays of the term or session.
  • Drop Classes - Classes can be dropped through the 10% date of the class and will not appear on the student's record. Classes dropped after the 10% date up through the 35% date will be recorded as withdrawals and will appear on transcripts.

Information regarding the Refund Policy is available on the Cashiering webpage.


    No student will be allowed to change from a credit to an audit designation after:

    • The first 2 weeks of an 8-week term (14 calendar days including the first day of the term)
    • The first week of a 4-week term (7 calendar days including the first day of the term)

    Registration procedures and fees for an audited class are the same as those for regular credit and non-credit enrollment.

      In-person Registration Summer Hours at all Campuses

      May 12 - July 18 (Monday - Thursday) 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

      Visit our Cashiering Website for information on tuition, fees, payment deadlines and the refund policy.