Fall 2011


Terms Dates:                                                August 9 - December 11


Register at any of our six campuses or online at mycollege.cpcc.eduIn-person assistance is available at all CPCC campuses during normal business hours and during extended hours as published. Remember to register early for best selection!

The grids below provide priority dates for currently enrolled students, the first open registration date for new and returning students and dates with extended in-person service hours. If you are a currently enrolled student, you will receive notification of your assigned priority registration date via your CPCC email account.


Fall pre-registration begins:










Priority Registration
Student Type Start Date At
Corporate and Continuing Education students
registering for CCE classes
Curriculum students** currently enrolled for SPRING in degree, diploma, or certificate programs with:
50 or more completed* credit hours
and identified active military and/or veterans
April 27 12:00 pm
30-49 completed* credit hours April 30 7:30 am
10 - 29 completed* credit hours May 1 7:30 am
0 - 9 completed* credit hours May 2 7:30 am
All other currently enrolled** May 3 7:30 am
Curriculum students** NOT currently Enrolled for Spring
Enrolled Fall '11, but not Spring '12
(must be admitted to a program, 
but no CPCC degree earned)
May 4 7:30 am
New students admitted to programs
between 9/1/11 and 3/1/12
May 4 7:30 am
Career & College Promise High School Students
For Fall Classes only.





*For purposes of priority registration, completed credits do not include ungraded classes, audits, grades of "I" or "F", literacy classes, or non-credit continuing education classes.  To see the number of credit hours you have earned, go online at CPCC Login log in, click on Students and then choose the "Priority Registration - View priority registration information" link.




*Students on academic probation or suspension cannot register during priority registration.  They may be able to register after grades are posted with assistance from a faculty advisor, academic advisor or counselor.   Suspended students must see a counselor.




**The above student types do not include the Career and College Promise High School Students unless noted.




Financial Aid Questions










Open Registration
Fall Pre-Registration April 27 - June 28
Fall Registration July 9 - August 8
Summer Hours
May 16 - July 14 (Monday - Thursday) 7:30 am - 6:00 pm


  • Open Registration is available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays online only during the Summer. The College is closed on Fridays from May 13-July 15.

  • FALL Pre-Registration will end on June 26; Fall registration will resume July 6.







  • Add Classes - Classes can be added at any point in the registration cycle from the beginning of the published registration period through the first 2 weekdays of the term or session.
  • Drop Classes - Classes can be dropped through the 10% date of the class and will not appear on the student's record. Classes dropped after the 10% date through the 35% date will be recorded as withdrawals and will appear on the transcripts.
    Refund Policy.


No student will be allowed to change from a credit to an audit designation after:




  • After the first 4 weeks of a 16-week term (28 calendar days including the first day of the term)
  • After the first 2 weeks of an 8-week term (14 calendar days including the first day of the term)

Registration procedures and fees for an audited class are the same as those for regular credit and non-credit enrollment. For more information, click here.





When a student determines that he/she will be unable to complete courses in which he/she is currently enrolled, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate procedures leading to a formal withdrawal in order to avoid a failing grade. To receive a “W” grade, a student must withdraw before the first 35% of the class.

Financial Aid recipients should refer to the financial aid satisfactory progress policy to see if schedule adjustments will affect financial aid.

To find the 35% withdrawal deadline date for your class, check the online syllabus or talk with your instructor.




Visit our Admissions webpage for more information about being admitted to Central Piedmont Community College.