Senior Citizen Registration for Auditing Courses

Senior citizens, age 65 years or older on the first day of the course, may audit courses with the following guidelines as outlined in 1E SBCCC 1000.2:

  • Tuition and registration fees will be waived.  Local fees associated with course sections may be charged.
  • Enrollment into a course is dependent on space availability. A student who audits a course section shall not displace students enrolling or registering to receive a grade, academic credit, continuing education unit or certificate of completion in the course section.
  • Registration must be processed within the schedule adjustment period during a term or session. Schedule adjustment is generally the first two days of a term or session.
  • Self-supporting courses are not eligible.



1. Print and complete the Audit Form.
2. Meet with the instructor before the course starts to obtain a signature permission on the audit form.
3. Submit the completed form along with a driver’s license or state identification card to the registration office at any CPCC campus on the first day of the term or course.

Registration staff will process the Audit form then return the form to the student.

4. Take the processed form to the Cashiering office for processing of the tuition waiver.

    1D SBCCC 700.1 (a) Definition. “Audit” means to enroll in a course section without receiving a grade, academic credit, continuing education unit, or certificate of completion.