Transcript Evaluation

Are "passed" grades transferred?

CPCC accepts credits for courses passed with a grade of “C-” or better. If an institution states that “passed” is equivalent to a “C-” or higher, then yes, “passed” grades are transferred.


Can I transfer credits from an online university?

Yes, online regionally accredited college credits are transferrable.


What does regionally accredited mean?

Regional accreditation is the educational accreditation of schools, colleges, and universities in the US by one of seven regional accrediting agencies. The seven regionally accrediting agencies are: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (aka Higher Learning Commission), Northwest Accreditation Commission, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.


Are D grades transferred?

No, D grades are not transferred to CPCC. Only A, B, C, and Passed (P) grades that are equated to a “C-” or higher are transferred.


Does the course transfer if it’s not part of my program of study at CPCC?

All College level courses with a grade of “C-“ or higher and a CPCC equivalent will transfer regardless of the program of study.


How will I know what courses I received credit for as a result of my evaluation?

Students who receive transfer credit will receive an email at their CPCC email address, and the transferred courses will show up in MyCollege under “Transcript”.


Why didn’t I receive credit for all my courses?

Because you either didn’t successfully complete the course, CPCC does not have an equivalent to the course(s), or the timeframe has expired (example, Business, Computer, Accounting, etc.), the courses are graduate level, or the College isn’t regionally accredited.   Please contact the Transcript Evaluation Office if you feel there is an error.


If some of my courses did not transfer, can I test out of them?

Credit by Exam or CLEP can be requested for some courses.


How much does a transcript evaluation cost?

There is no charge for a college transcript evaluation at CPCC. International transcript evaluators do charge to translate and evaluate transcripts.


How long will my evaluation take?

Usually there is a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time.


What is the process to evaluate a foreign transcript?

The transcript must be evaluated by a third party recognized by NACES


Will my GPA be affected by courses transferred?

No, grades are not transferred, only the credit hours.


Do transfer courses impact my Financial Aid?

No. Transfer courses do not impact Financial Aid.


What do I need to do to transfer credits from another college or from the military?

Have an Official copy of all college transcripts sent to the office of Student Records. We now accept electronic versions.

Visit for links to GED, Military, and Naces.


How do I find out if my transcripts have been received from the other colleges I’ve attended?

Students may check on their MyCollege account under the ‘External Transcripts Recv’d’ tab or they may call Student Records at 704-330-6625.


If one of the courses I took at another college is not equivalent to a CPCC course, but I think it meets the course requirements, what are my options?

Provide a course description from the college catalog.  Final decision will be made by the department.


I transferred in college level English and math. My record indicates the placement test is required.  Why?

CPCC has a mandatory placement test policy; however, by transferring college English and math you can receive a waiver for the placement test.


Do my transfer credits expire?

No. Transfer credits will always appear on your CPCC transcript.  However, some departments may have a time limit on courses that will apply toward your program of study (ex: Computers/Accounting/Health Sciences).


I am a visiting student during the summer semester. I want to transfer my courses back to my home college or university.  Do I need to have my official transcript sent from CPCC to my home college?

Yes. Colleges and universities require an official copy sent directly from the college where the course was completed.


I am a visiting student during summer semester and would like to register for a course at CPCC. The course has a required pre-requisite.  Will CPCC need an official transcript or can an Advisor provide a pre-requisite override from an unofficial transcript that shows successful completion of the pre-requisite?

If the unofficial copy is printed from a student portal while the student is in the Advisor’s office, the unofficial copy can be used.  The Unofficial copy must be sent to student records for scanning.


How can I prove a course is equivalent to a course I’ve taken elsewhere?

By submitting a course description to the Transfer Evaluation Office.


Who evaluates International transcripts?

Angela Robinson in the Transfer Evaluation Office.


Who should I contact if I have questions about my completed transcript evaluation?

You may contact a Registrar at any CPCC campus or you can contact the Office of Transcript Evaluations at Central Campus.  The office is located on the second floor of Central High in Student Records (CH 230) 704.330.6778.


What can I do to expedite the process of having my transcripts evaluated?

Transcripts are evaluated within 24 – 48 hours of being received. If you need faster turnaround contact the Transcript Evaluation Office.


How are my AP scores evaluated?

AP score of 3 or higher will be applied.  Not all AP tests are accepted.


I ordered the official transcript to be sent to CPCC from the last college I attended, but not all of the credits were accepted. The courses were listed on the transcript. Why didn’t I get credit for them?

The course may not have been completed with a grade of C or higher, the course may have been independent study, etc. Please see the Transcript Evaluation Office for clarification.


I had my official first semester high school transcript sent. Now I’m being told I have to send another one when I graduate. Why?

The first semester official transcript can be used to give you a placement test waiver, but only a graduated transcript can make you eligible for a degree and/or financial aid. Only the graduated transcript will be marked official.


I don’t have my transcript, but I have my diploma. Is a diploma sufficient?

No. CPCC requires an official transcript on file. In extreme cases, where the transcript was destroyed by war in a foreign country or proof of records  was destroyed by a disaster (flood or fire), you may meet with the Dean for Admissions, Records, Registration, and Graduation to discuss a possible transcript waiver.


I have my official transcript on me right now. Can I email or fax it to you?

If you have an official, sealed copy that has never been opened, you could mail or bring it to CPCC Student Records, but if you have opened it, it is no longer official. In that case, you should have your home school or college send an official copy.  CPCC does accept faxed transcripts as long as they are faxed directly from the college or high school.


How will I know by looking on my CPCC transcript, which courses are transferred?

Courses that have a grade of TR are transferred courses.