6.25 WTVI Public Television Station and CPCC TV Policy

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I. Policy

Central Piedmont Community College, as the holder of the WTVI public television license, will comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Community Service Grant General Provisions and all other relevant federal and state laws.

II. Purpose

Central Piedmont Community College holds the license for WTVI and operates public television station WTVI and cable channel 17 CPCC TV to serve the public interest and to further the mission of CPCC.

WTVI’s primary mission as a broadcast station operating on a channel reserved for noncommercial use is to promote education, culture, and citizenship across all electronic media platforms.

III. Requirements

A. In compliance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the station’s executive director holds responsibility for developing content and implementing programming decisions. The station must operate independently from, and without undue influence from, funders or policymakers, so as to avoid any Constitutional violation and provide an independent and objective broadcast voice. WTVI personnel will comply with CPCC Policy 4.40 Conflict of Interest.

B. WTVI is in compliance with the various requirements of the public broadcasting provisions of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, which are codified at 47 U.S.C. § 396:

1. WTVI is in compliance with Section (k)(5) regarding open financial records requirements. WTVI will maintain financial records in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 115D Article 4A Budgeting, Accounting, and Fiscal Management and CPCC Policy 2.04 Board of Trustees Bylaws: Committees. WTVI’s financial records will be available in its public inspection files.

The operation of WTVI will have discrete accounting using a code to identify Community Service Grant funds (both revenues and expenses, restricted and unrestricted) so that an auditor can track such funds within the accounting system. WTVI will undergo a discrete annual audit report by a qualified independent accountant.

2. WTVI is in compliance with Section (k)(4) regarding open meetings requirements. WTVI will provide advance notice of public meetings and will conduct its meetings and provide related notices in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 143‑Article 33C Meetings of Public Bodies and CPCC Policy 2.05 Board of Trustees Bylaws: Meetings.

3. WTVI is in compliance with Section (k)(11) regarding Equal Employment Opportunity  requirements in accordance with CPCC 1.00 Equal Opportunity Program Policy WTVI will annually develop and publish its diversity goals; will post an annual report on its website; will review the annual report with a licensee official; and will implement and document annual formal diversity training for its management and staff. These reports will be available in its public inspection files.

4. WTVI is in compliance with Section (k)(12) regarding its donor lists. WTVI shall maintain complete, accurate, and secure records of all uses of membership and donor lists for fundraising purposes. It shall at all times control lists of its donors in order to prevent access, directly or through third parties, by unauthorized users.

WTVI shall also certify annually that it has not endorsed or contributed to political parties or political committees unless required by law.  WTVI shall certify annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting its continued compliance with the laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service and with all other applicable federal laws or regulations governing political activity and lobbying in effect at the time of certification.

Approved by Board on August 29, 2012