4.35 Voluntary Termination of Employment

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A. Resignation Procedure for Exempt Employees

When an exempt employee wishes to resign from employment with the College, the following procedure shall be followed:

1. The employee will give to the immediate administrator a written resignation and request for release from contract stating the reasons for the request and specifying the proposed resignation date. The College prefers a thirty-day notice prior to resignation.

2. The employee's  immediate administrator will forward the request and his or her recommendation for disposition to the Unit Vice President.

3. The Unit Vice President will give the employee, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, and the immediate administrator a written statement of the official disposition of the request.

B. Resignation Procedure for Non-exempt Employees

1. An employment-at-will relationship exists between the College and the non-exempt employee, and the non-exempt employee may terminate employment at any time.

2. The employee shall give the immediate administrator written notice specifying the effective date of resignation. The College prefers a thirty-day notice prior to resignation.

3. The immediate administrator shall forward the written notice to the Unit Vice President with a copy to Human Resources.

C. Separation Procedure

When any full-time employee resigns or otherwise terminates employment with the College, the following steps will be taken:

1. Upon receipt of official notice of resignation or termination, Human Resources will forward information about the terminating employee to the Financial Services Department.

2. The immediate administrator will inform the employee that he/she is to contact Human Resources to schedule an exit interview.

3. Before the effective date of the termination, the employee will receive an Exit Interview Form and Check List Form from Human Resources. After clearing each item with the appropriate office, the terminating employee will return the forms to Human Resources.

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