4.03 Employment of Part-time Personnel

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I. Definitions

A. Part-time: Employment for less than 75% of the full work week or full work load defined for the job class to which the employee is assigned, except during brief periods to cover institutional needs. Effective July 1, 1999, part-time employment must be limited to a total less than 1,080 hours per fiscal year.

B. Staff Employee: Any part-time employee who does not receive a part-time contract listing specific classes to be taught.

C. Teaching Employee: Any part-time employee who receives a contract listing specific classes to be taught.

D. Vacancy: Any new or existing unfilled part-time position.

II. Regulations

A. Part-Time Staff Employee

No part-time staff employee, as defined in this section, may be assigned the full-time work load defined for his/her job class except during brief periods to cover institutional needs. Prior written authorization must be provided by the unit vice president.

B. Part-Time Teaching Employee

A part-time teaching employee may, with dean's written approval, carry a full teaching load for one term based on institutional needs. Any extension of the full teaching load beyond one term must receive written authorization of the Vice President for Instruction.

C. Posting of a Vacancy

1. Ordinarily, a notice of vacancy for part-time positions will be prepared by the Human Resources Department and announced through general College communication and/or posting on the College's website.

2. Vacancies for part-time employment may be announced as internal only, limiting prospective applicants to current employees.

D. Recruitment

1. Central Piedmont Community College recruits employees for all job classes without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, genetic information, political affiliation, or any other legally protected classification.

2. The College encourages the participation of faculty and staff in the recruitment of excellent job candidates. Recommendations may be solicited concerning the kinds of specialists needed to strengthen the College's various work units, groups, departments, and offices.

E. Selection and Employment

1. The basis of selection and employment at the College are qualifications and individual ability without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, genetic information, political affiliation, or any other legally protected classification.

2. In our hiring decisions, CPCC will provide an employment preference for veterans and their spouses or surviving spouses as defined in G.S. 128-15 and per the NC Administrative Code.

The College will take into consideration veteran status in accordance with North Carolina state law if two or more candidates are generally equally qualified for the position based upon qualifications and experience.

3. Neither the acceptance of an application nor the subsequent entering into of any part-time employment will serve to create any implied contract for future employment, to confer any right to remain in the College's employ, or otherwise change in any respect the employment-at-will relationship between the College and the applicant or employee.

4. An applicant's or employee's criminal conviction history may indicate that the applicant or employee is not fit to work for CPCC. Therefore, a criminal records check of an individual's county, state, and/or federal criminal history will be conducted on all applicants for employment who accept an offer of part-time employment or re-employment. For this purpose, re-employment is defined as a lapse of employment exceeding 12 consecutive months.                     

a. The refusal to consent to a criminal records check as is required on the employment application will result in the applicant not being offered employment; or if a conditional offer has been made, the offer will be withdrawn or the employee's employment will be terminated, as applicable.     

b. If a person omits information or gives false information concerning his or her criminal history on his or her employment application, background check form, resume, or any other required or submitted application-related document, that person may not be offered employment. If the person has been hired or offered employment conditioned on the results of a criminal history check, the person will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or the offer of employment will be withdrawn, as applicable.

c. The results of criminal convictions will be considered in hiring, discipline, dismissal, and other personnel decisions. If an applicant's or employee's criminal history or the resulting additional background check indicates that the person poses a threat to the physical safety of students or personnel or that the person has demonstrated that he or she does not have sufficient integrity, honesty, ethics, or other traits to fulfill his or her duties as a College employee, then the person's offer of employment will be withdrawn or the person's employment will be terminated. All newly hired and rehired part-time employees are employed conditionally pending the review of the criminal records check and any resulting additional background investigation.               

d. Each employee is required to notify his or her immediate supervisor and the appropriate Human Resources representative within five calendar days after any felony criminal conviction, guilty plea, or plea of no contest. Any employee who is aware of any criminal conviction, guilty plea, or plea of no contest of another employee should notify the appropriate Human Resources representative.  

5. The College may require an applicant to agree to credit checks for positions which are subject to bonding and have access to cash, checks, credit card transactions, or bank account information. When applying for such a position, the refusal to consent to a credit check will result in the applicant not being offered employment, or if a conditional offer has been made, the offer will be withdrawn or the employee’s employment will be terminated, as applicable.

III. Employment Procedure

A. The immediate administrator for the position will originate a "Request to Hire."  The appropriate Human Resources analyst will use this form to create a requisition for the position within the College's applicant tracking system.

B. The second-level administrator for the department or division will authorize the vacancy by approving the "Request for Hire" form. Then the account manager will forward the approved form to the Human Resources analyst via email.

C. If the vacancy is not a previously defined part-time position, the second-level administrator will provide a completed job description to the Director of Compensation and Benefits. The Director of Compensation and Benefits will recommend a position title, employee category, and pay rate for the position.

D. Notification of the position vacancy may be internal or external and will include those media deemed appropriate by the second-level administrator of the position.

E. External notification of the position vacancy will include the Employment Security Commission; the North Carolina Community College System; and appropriate local, state, and/or national media. The Unit Vice President or President, as appropriate, will determine the extent to which a national search will be conducted.

F. The position shall be open for the length specified as necessary by the second-level administrator.

G. The second-level administrator will review the applications to establish those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the position as advertised and to determine those candidates to be interviewed.

H. If a selection is made, the second-level administrator will offer the salary established on the part-time salary schedule for the position. Any salary offers for an amount above the established part-time rate for the position must have the prior approval of the Director of Compensation and Benefits.

I. Second-level administrators will notify the Human Resources Office of the selected candidate through the College's applicant tracking system.

J. The Human Resources Department will process the part-time employee, and all employment shall be conditional upon successful completion of the criminal and/or credit checks as referenced in Section II, and a conditional approval will be sent by email to the hiring department or division.

K. Applicants who apply for a position, but are not selected, will be notified via email by the Human Resources Department when the position is filled.

IV. Work Loads

A. A part-time staff employee must be assigned a work load of no more than 1,080 total hours per fiscal year.

B. A part-time teaching employee may be assigned up to 50% of a full-time teaching load or a maximum of two classes, whichever is greater. Exceptions to the maximum load must be approved by the dean. Curriculum teaching assignments are based on load units that are calculated on a 1:1 basis. Other load unit calculations can be found at 4.12 Workloads for Exempt Personnel. The combination of all load units and contact hours must be less than 1,080 hours per fiscal year. A part-time teaching employee is hired to teach specific classes and to be reasonably accessible to students. The part-time teaching employee differs from a full-time teaching employee who has a full-time, professional commitment to the College and who is expected to provide instruction, assist students, engage in professional development, and serve the College.

V. Salary

A part-time employee is paid at the hourly rate published for his/her job class in the current part-time salary schedule. A part-time curriculum instructor is paid on a per-course basis. Part-time non-curriculum instructors are paid on a published contract hour rate schedule.

VI. Retirement

Part-time community college employees are prohibited by state law from being members of the State Employees' Retirement System.

VII. Insurance Benefits

A part-time employee is covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance while on the job.

VIII. Leave Benefits

A part-time employee does not receive any paid leave benefits. A part-time employee who has accumulated leave benefits prior to July 1, 1999, will be allowed to use leave time in accordance with the appropriate leave policy.

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