Strategic Goals 2003-2004

In order to promote CPCC’s excellence in preparing learners through corporate training, technical, transfer, and literacy education, the College will continue the following:

1. Promote the development of the personal traits, social skills, and work ethic necessary for students to function successfully in the workplace and the community.
2. Focus on learning to ensure that students gain the knowledge, skills, intercultural awareness, and sense of civic responsibility necessary to participate effectively in a global environment.
3. Strengthen linkages among educational service providers to provide a continuum of programs and services to develop the region's workforce.
4. Recruit and retain students by developing and implementing a strategic enrollment management plan with emphases on enhanced customer focus and student success.
5. Strengthen the faculty and staff professional development program and the performance development system to encourage leadership and responsibility throughout the College
6. Endeavor to provide sufficient faculty and staff at each campus.