Continuous Goals 2003-2004

In order to promote CPCC’s excellence in preparing learners through corporate training, technical, transfer, and literacy education, the College will continue the following:

1. Promote diversity and be inclusive in all College employment, purchasing, programs, and services.
2. Engage business and industry and the community more closely in the programs and services of the College.
3. Build public and private sector support for funding of College programs, capital projects, and general operations.
4. Provide a safe, effective, and technologically advanced organization to ensure high quality programs and services at all CPCC locations and for the Virtual Campus.
5. Enhance education, training, and support services to international populations to increase their opportunities for success in the economic, social, and cultural life of the community.
6. Enhance internal and external communications.
7. Expand the access of Charlotte-Mecklenburg employment and population centers to training and education.
8. Encourage greater entrepreneurial activity throughout the organization to garner additional support for the College
9. Enhance institutional effectiveness through an integrated system of planning, budgeting, an regular assessment of learning outcomes, programs, services, and College processes.