Job Opportunities

There are tremendous opportunities in corporate design departments, advertising agencies, design firms, newspapers, and magazines due to the rapid growth of computer design. These industries are looking for talented, skilled visual artists who can develop advertising ideas and produce designs that will sell a client's products or services.

CPCC's Harper Campus offers an in-depth, two-year professional preparation program that leads to an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Advertising & Graphic Design. You will be prepared to go directly into the job market with this degree.

You'll learn to design advertising and corporate communications of all types — newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, booklets, company logos and letterheads, product packaging, posters, outdoor billboards, and much more. This thorough course of study and practice covers all the necessary specialized skills. It ranges from illustration to computer design, from copy-writing to psychology, from typography to photography, to preparing your work for printing or broadcast.

When you complete the program you'll have a professional-quality portfolio filled with your best work. It will demonstrate to potential employers your design skills, your understanding of the advertising and graphic design marketplace, and your ability to work successfully in it.

The future belongs to those who are able to solve problems with courageous creativity. The Advertising + Graphic Design curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be the next creative leaders in our community. Graduates of the program are prepared for employment within the creative industries sector, including graphic design firms, advertising agencies, marketing communications and in-house creative groups. Students are prepared to think conceptually and design visual communication materials such as ads, brand identity systems, print materials and interactive media.