Advertising + Graphic Design Program Overview

Our Mission

Support the college’s mission to be the leading workforce developer by graduating students who are courageous, creative thinkers with the skill set of visual strong communicators.

Our Vision

Be the best 2-year design program on the planet.

Heart Head Hand (Our Core Values)

  • Head Curiosity, Creativity
  • Heart Empathy for the client, Passion for learning, Courage to be creative
  • Hand Craftsmanship and artistry in all things


The Design Process

Design is a process for finding answers to questions. Good ideas come from having lots of ideas.

Our process is:

  • Situation: what is the question to be answered?

    What we expect of our students

  • Investigation: what do you need to know to proceed?
  • Insights: what did you discover you didn't know before?
  • Ideation: based on your insights, how many different solutions can you come up with?
  • Execution: how do you make your ideas real?
  • Reflection: what did you learn?
  • To be here, on time and ready to work.
  • To always work to be above average.
  • To take responsibility for what you learn.
  • What you can expect of us

  • We will prepare you for your future, not our past.
  • We will give everyone the same chance to learn.
  • We will spend more time helping you learn than we will teaching.