Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

Vision Statement

Central Piedmont Community College intends to become the national leader in workforce development.

Mission Statement

Central Piedmont Community College is an innovative and comprehensive college that advances the life-long educational development of students consistent with their needs, interests, and abilities while strengthening the economic, social, and cultural life of its diverse community.

The College accomplishes this purpose by providing high-quality, flexible pre-baccalaureate and career-focused educational programs and services which are academically, geographically, and financially accessible. This purpose requires a fundamental commitment to student success through teaching and learning excellence within a supportive environment.

Strategic Goals 2009 - 2014

Goal 1: Student Learning and Success
Ensure student learning and success by promoting an innovative and supportive learning environment.

Goal 2: Organizational Learning and Development
Foster an organizational culture that maximizes individual growth through expanded learning opportunities.

Goal 3: Community Catalyst
Be a catalyst for the educational and socio-economic development of the community through partnerships, coalitions, life-long learning, and civic engagement.

Goal 4: Organizational Capacity to Serve

Plan and manage human, physical, financial, and technological resources so that College programs, services, and infrastructure meet student and community needs.

Goal 5: Organizational Excellence and Innovation
Promote and sustain innovation, entrepreneurship, and excellence throughout the organization.