Compliance Certification Team

Name Title
Lori Alexander Assistant to the Vice President for Learning
Debbie Bouton Associate Vice President for Learning
Ian Brice Assistant to Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services
Amy Bruining Associate Dean, Graduation & Institutional Records
Tracie Clark Communication Instructor
Ben Dowling Director, Client Services
Lane Grann-Stahl Instructional Developer, eLearning
Karine Injaychock SACS Resource Specialist
David Kim Associate Vice President for Technology and CIO
Brenda Leonard Associate Vice President, Compliance & Audit
Clint McElroy Dean, Retention Services
Rob Melka Compliance Assist Support
Susan Oleson-Briggs Executive Assistant to the President
Nichole Patterson Assistant to Vice President for Enrollment & Student Services
Cathey Ross SACS Liaison, Assistant to the Vice President for Learning
Denise Wells Director of Institutional Effectiveness