QEP Development Committee


Name Title Unit of the College
Tracie Clark* Faculty, Communication; QEP Chair Learning
Eileen Clark* Faculty, Dental Hygiene Learning
Marcia Colson Graduation/Institutional Records Coordinator Enrollment & Student Services
John Cone Faculty, Art; College Senate President, 2012-2013 Academic Year Learning
Chris Flowers Faculty, English Learning
Lane Grann-Stahl Instructional Developer (e-Learning) Learning
James Hillier** Associate Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services Information Technology
Elvira Johnson Learning Communities Coordinator Learning
Katrina Johnson Educational Support Specialist

Enrollment & Student Services

Ojay Johnson** First Year Advising Enrollment & Student Services
Rudy Johnson Faculty, Math Learning

Tony Jones*

Director of Counseling Enrollment & Student Services
Debbie Lord Director of Student Learning Documentation Learning
Terri Manning Associate Vice President Institutional Research & Assistant to Exec. VP & Founder, Center for Applied Research Planning & Research
Nina Neal Interim Division Director of Professional Careers Learning
Florence Patterson Director of the Academic Learning Center

Enrollment & Student Services

Erin Payton** Senior Librarian, Head of Librarian Instruction Learning
Susan Oleson-Briggs Executive Assistant to the President President’s Office
Stacey Quigg* Research Information Specialist

Institutional Effectiveness

Cathey Ross* SACS Liaison; Assistant to the Vice President for Learning Learning
Fred Tone Faculty, Biology; College Senate President,  2011-2012 Academic Year Learning
Kathy Watkins Faculty, Biology Learning
Sarah Wilde Activity Coordinator, Office of First Year Experience
Enrollment & Student Services
Ronald Williams Senior Program Chair, Information Technology Division Learning

* = also served on the QEP Topic Selection Committee
** = added to the QEP Development Committee during the 2012-2013 academic year