Workplace Learning


We infuse experiential learning into all areas of our curriculum. By blending hands-on activities together with traditional classroom instruction, we are able to create an academic experience unlike any other.

Cooperative Education

Enroll in our co-op program and earn college credit while learning useful skills to make you a valuable asset to any business organization. You’ll boost your employability, strengthen your resume, gain valuable references, develop a professional network and more.

Service Learning

Learn outside the classroom in one of our service-learning programs that combines community service with academic instruction. Perform community service initiatives that address a local need, while boosting your academic skills, civic responsibility and commitment to the community.

Motorsports programs

Our motorsports program is home to a Motorsports Institute and a variety of seminar series and certificate programs that will put you in the driver’s seat to a great career.

Health Careers

All of our allied health programs are nationally accredited. That means when you enroll in our medical and health courses, you enroll with confidence, knowing that you will learn from quality instructors and earn accreditation - the industry credential sought most by today’s employers.

Pelton & Crane Dental Lab

Aspiring dental hygienists may acquire real world experience working in our dental clinic. Our dental lab is open to the public, giving students the opportunity to perform practices such as oral cancer examinations, x-rays, cleanings and Fluoride treatments on real patients.