Supplemental Instruction

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In a Supplemental Instruction (SI) session, the group leader will be encouraging the students to work with each other to find solutions to problems. Instead of re-lecturing to students, SI leaders will help them make sense of the information their instructor has already given them. Instead of simply giving them the answer, they will guide them through the process.

The ALC offers Supplemental Instruction for all CPCC Math courses, and select science courses at various times throughout the week. For a current schedule of when these SI Sessions are offered please refer to our Hours of Operation page.

This is a good opportunity to get further clarification of concepts that were introduced by your instructor, but that you didn't fully grasp. This is not to replace your classroom instruction, but rather to supplement it. If you are struggling with your class and have never tried supplemental instruction, please come by and find out what we have to offer. We can help you to become a more successful student.


Please contact the Academic Learning Center at (704) 330-6474 for more information, or email us at