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Frequently Asked Questions about the ALC

Q: What subjects do you assist students with in the ALC?
Academic assistance in the ALC focuses on the content areas of Math and English (both Reading and Writing skills) and select Science and Accounting courses.  

Q: If I can not come to Central Campus what tutoring options do I have?
Some campuses require an appointment to be made beforehand. So please see the Hours of Operation page of our website for more information.  We are currently preparing to offer Online Tutoring please visit our website for further updates.

Q: Do students have to make an appointment to receive tutoring?
Appointments for Math and English tutoring are encouraged but not required, although appointments will take preference over walk-ins. Please refer to the Hours of Operation page for more information.

Q: Where is the ALC located on Central Campus and at all the Area Campuses?
On Central Campus the ALC is located in the Central High Building CH103. For an updated list of the locations at all of the area campuses please see our website under Hours of Operation.

Q: What are the qualifications of the ALC tutors?
All tutors in the ALC hold at least a bachelors degree in a relevant area. The tutors also complete specialized training in tutoring techniques, and participate in continuing education activities.

Q: What do students have to do before they can start their tutoring session?
All students seeking academic assistance must bring with them a CPCC ID with the current semester sticker on the back. Each time a student comes for an tutoring session they are required to sign in at the computerized Labtrack kiosk at the beginning of their session and sign out on at the kiosk upon completion. 

Q: Can a student receive help with a graphing calculator?
Yes. The math tutors can help the students with the Ti-83/84 graphing calculator which is recommended for most college level math classes. Ti-83/84 workshops are offered at the beginning of the semester for College Algebra, Pre-calculus, and Statistics students, and later in the semester for Math 080 students. 

There are Ti-83/84 handouts and tutorials available through our website.

Plus, there is also assistance for the basic calculators during the developmental Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions.

Q: Can a student come to the ALC to get help instead of going to class?
No. The ALC is not a substitute for class. We are here to supplement the instruction that the student receives from their classroom instructor. For many math classes, if a student has already missed a class they should see their instructor or a classmate about what they missed. There are online videos available for most courses throughout the Blackboard component of the course (My Math Lab, Math XL).

Q: Is there a charge for services in the ALC?
There is no charge for services from the ALC for students enrolled in a CPCC curriculum classes for which they are receiving help.  Students must produce a valid CPCC picture id with the current semester sticker attached.

Q: Do students still have to get their instructors to sign the yellow referral slip before receiving service?
All referrals are now retrieved electronically.  An electronic referral will be sent to the class instructor immediately after the first visit and the instructor must approve the referral for student to receive services.

Q: Can you get assistance if you attend another institution?
You must be enrolled in a CPCC curriculum classes to use the services of the ALC. Wingate students taking classes at CPCC through the cooperative learning program can use the services in the ALC.

Q: Is there tutorial assistance to help prepare for the placement test?
No, students preparing to take the placement test can access the Testing Center webpage to get the link to the placement test prep on the internet. Once the student has taken the placement test and is in a CPCC class they may use the services of the ALC.

Q: May I drop off a paper to be reviewed?
No. The English tutors do not operate as a proofreading service. The student should bring the assignment given by the instructor and all work they have done on the paper. This will be used to facilitate a tutoring session.

Q: What should I bring with me when I come for SI or tutoring sessions?
A: Students should have completed or attempted to complete their assignment before coming to the ALC. The SI Facilitator or Tutor will base the session on the topics that the student is currently having problems. Students should bring their course syllabus, books, and notebooks related to the subject they are receiving tutoring. All students should come prepared with writing utensils and paper. Math students, should also bring their calculator with them.