*Cancellation Policy - Update

Academic Learning Center Cancellation Policy - Update


All students are required to stop by or call to cancel their scheduled appointments. Please leave a message if no one answers.

  • All cancellations must be made at least 1 hour before a scheduled appointment, or students will be considered no-shows.
  • No-show students will not be allowed to make another appointment within 7 days from the no-show date or be accepted as a walk-in on the same day as the no- show appt.
  • Students 10 minutes or more late for a scheduled appointment will forfeit their appointment time and it will be counted as a No-Show.
  • 3 No-shows without prior cancellation will result in loss of the privilege of making an appointment and these students will only be seen on a walk-in basis for the remainder of the semester.
  • 5 cancelled appointments will result in the loss of the privilege to make appts. for the remainder of the term and these students will only be considered on a walk-in basis only.
  • Cancelled appointments will also count toward the one appt. per day and two appt. per week limit.
  • Writing Center students will only be allowed 2 visits per paper to be used at the students' discretion. (Consulting with a tutor before a written paper is created does not count in the 2 visit per paper)

(Effective January 12, 2015)